Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Roaring Springs


Monday would seem, was and maybe is, our last really hot day of the summer.  So my friend Natalie asked me to please go with her and her two kids to Roaring Springs.  For those of you not in Idaho it's our one and only (I know sad) water park.  Natalie had a free pass and Gabe was free so we went. 

We were in the kiddie pool area all of 30 seconds and I couldn't find Emma.  Natalie and I looked for about five minutes for her.  All the while I'm talking to myself, "Be calm Casey, it will be okay.  When you find her don't kill her there will be witnesses...stay calm." I finally asked the life guard if they have a procedure for lost kids because I being mother of the year had lost my daughter.  It's true I was feeling like really I can't keep track of my kids at all, which by the way was Daryl's concern with this whole adventure.  I had told him it would be fine and that I could handle it. HA! Emma loves to prove me wrong.  I guess that's her job.  Anyways back to the story.  The lifeguard tells me to go talk to this guy with a radio and as I start to walk over there, I see a lady with a radio and Emma in tow.  Turns out Emma left the kiddie area, climbed the stairs and went off the drop off slides pictured above.  It's like a 6-7 foot drop into a 10 foot deep pool.  The park employee who so nicely is bringing my daughter back to me says, "the guards had to pull her out of the pool." I'm screaming in my head BIG SHOCKER! I couldn't believe that the "guards" let her down the slide.  

So Emma then is forced by the mean mom she's been blessed with to become an appendage to my arm for a while.  When all is said and done she looks up at me and says, "Mom those big slides are so much fun. We can do it again and you can catch me."  Part of me is still upset but more of me is so excited that she loves things like this.  My little adrenaline junkie.

attraction-racingridge.pngMy Gabbers loved this slide and we had to do it a couple of times.  This adventure will be so much more fun when everyone can carry their own mats.  Gabe and I went down the dark tube slide and we got to the bottom and he said, "Mom that was spooky.  Let's do it again."  I'm so thankful to have two little thrill riders.  It will make family vacations so much more fun.  At least for me. 

We did have a lot of fun and were safely returned home.  We'll try again another time.  Each year gets a little bit easier.  Thank goodness.  Happy summer to you all.  It's sadly almost over.  BUMMER!


Angela said...

We love Roaring Springs. :) I am SO glad I found your blog!! I think about you guys all the time. I always check Jeni R's blog to see if there is anyone I know on her links list. I must have not been checking for a while. Thanks for visiting me too! I will put you on my links list and pop over often! Look at your adorable family! I want to meet those little ones! They are beautiful! Congrats!!

The Kriloff Klan said...

So scary, but knowing Emma, I'm not surprised!

*Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! She is so darn brave! Awesome that they both like fun stuff. Just wait until they're big enough for roller coasters! :)

krista said...

Girl! I love this.. and I love youuuu! I'm glad we're back in contact.. the world wide web is fabulous for these reasons! :]] Your kids are adorable.. and completes such a perfect family! I miss you guys!

Laurel said...

Hi Casey,

Your comment was so nice today that it cheered me right up. And then I got to stop by and read all about your crazy mom adventure which made me feel more normal. It's good to know that all moms have those crazy, scarey moments.

Good luck with your hysterctomy and recovery. Pain free is a very happy thought. And I couldn't agree more about the lesson that infertility has taught in that we all have burdens to bear. Nobody gets out of this life without some kind of anguish, and ideally I think we are suppose to learn empathy. Pain, as much as I dread it and try to avoid it, can be a great teacher.

Thanks for inspiring and lifting me today!

Kerrie said...

Oh my gosh, my stomach got butterflies just to think of her going down that slide. What a crazy nut. Nice way to get your adrenaline going, right?

wrightNOW said...

Its Jacque here...I just found your blog on facebook and It is awesome. You have done a great job with your journaling! I love this blog about Roaring Springs. I am glad that I am not the only one that has lost a kid. I do not like that feeling!!! Ema is quite the little brave one! I would have loved to see her go off that slide...with you at the bottom catching of course. Here is our to you soon.

Alli said...

Hi Casey - I found your blog through both Kerrie and Angela - small world. Anyway, congrats on your gorgeous kids! Life's funny how it all works out - we couldn't have anymore after Ty and Sarah and, although it's been so difficult and BUCKETS of tears have been shed, we are so grateful for our two miracles. Come over and say hi.

DCON said...

His name is the're the Gabber...there is a slight difference!