Friday, May 16, 2008

So this didn't happen this week but it's a great blog story.  So I thought that I would share.  A few weeks ago Daryl the kids and I were on a double date.  (Emma and Gabe love to go places as long as it's a date.) We had gone to dinner and then we were walking around Joe's sporting goods.  The kids have learned to sing quite well and they love to sing I am a Child of God.  So everything was going fine they're singing quite loudly about being a Child of God when they start to argue.  So the argument which is being yelled at the top of their lungs goes something like this:

Emma: "GABE! I'm a Child of God! Not you."
Gabe: "NO, I'm a Child of God."
Emma: "NO Gabe only Emma is!"
Gabe: NOOOOOOO! I'm a Child of God. 

It continued on and on.  Luckily we knew almost everyone in the store so they were all just laughing.  

Have a good one and I'm the child of God!  :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bye Bye Dogs

Well after much deliberation, Daryl and I decided that it was time to help our dogs find a new home.  So on Saturday we gave them a bath and loaded them and Roxy cat in the truck and I took them to the Idaho Humane Society.  Really I felt like a loser pet owner, It seemed that everyone else there was adopting a new pet.  But they said the dogs would probably be adopted within a week and that Roxy would be pretty easy to place.  I'll probably call on Saturday to see how it's going.  They did tell me that Xena is too old and would probably not be adopted so we're looking for a place for her if anyone would like a  cat.  We are trying to do this because of my allergies and the allergies of nephews and friends.  We will totally clean out the house after all pets are gone. 

The relief of not having that extra responsibility has been wonderful.  So now we are working hard to make our back yard a place we spend a lot of time in.  We have quite a bit of work but it will be great when it's done.  Although with home ownership I don't think it's ever done.  It seems like we'll have a summer of work and play...sounds about right. 

I would like to say that those two dogs were so sweet and loved everyone.  They truly are gentle giants.  They were awesome with the kids and were good to have around.  I'm sorry that we couldn't keep them.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The curse returns

Okay so the last year and four months has actually been filled with a lot of sickness.  I have been so excited because we went through March and April with no sickness.  But I should've knocked on wood.  Because the night of April 30th I became sick.  Emma and I have been a little sick more me than her.  She has a cough that really seems to attack when she's sleeping.  I on the other hand have had a head/chest cold.  But we have gotten good at treating such things.  So thanks to Daryl's help I've slept a ton and feel significantly better today.  Luckily I was sick while we were experiencing this weeks winter days.  For those not living in this valley we've been having summer days which are quickly turning back to winter.  For example Monday was 78 and Wed had a high of 47.  I just want it to be warm, so we can plant our garden and some flowers.  Last weekend we did plant a new tree and ridded our yard of some shrubs that I hated. YEAH!  

So there you have it.  Just a lot of sleeping here!