Friday, May 2, 2008

The curse returns

Okay so the last year and four months has actually been filled with a lot of sickness.  I have been so excited because we went through March and April with no sickness.  But I should've knocked on wood.  Because the night of April 30th I became sick.  Emma and I have been a little sick more me than her.  She has a cough that really seems to attack when she's sleeping.  I on the other hand have had a head/chest cold.  But we have gotten good at treating such things.  So thanks to Daryl's help I've slept a ton and feel significantly better today.  Luckily I was sick while we were experiencing this weeks winter days.  For those not living in this valley we've been having summer days which are quickly turning back to winter.  For example Monday was 78 and Wed had a high of 47.  I just want it to be warm, so we can plant our garden and some flowers.  Last weekend we did plant a new tree and ridded our yard of some shrubs that I hated. YEAH!  

So there you have it.  Just a lot of sleeping here!


Jesse Edwards said...

sorry you've been sick

The Kriloff Klan said...

Sorry you've been sick! If I lived closer I would have brought over a pot of chicken soup! Have you finalized any of your plans yet?

Kerrie said...

I can't believe you guys got sick so fast. Emma seemed healthy and fine on Tuesday. That hit fast. Hope you guys are starting to feel better. Missed you at the zoo.