Friday, May 16, 2008

So this didn't happen this week but it's a great blog story.  So I thought that I would share.  A few weeks ago Daryl the kids and I were on a double date.  (Emma and Gabe love to go places as long as it's a date.) We had gone to dinner and then we were walking around Joe's sporting goods.  The kids have learned to sing quite well and they love to sing I am a Child of God.  So everything was going fine they're singing quite loudly about being a Child of God when they start to argue.  So the argument which is being yelled at the top of their lungs goes something like this:

Emma: "GABE! I'm a Child of God! Not you."
Gabe: "NO, I'm a Child of God."
Emma: "NO Gabe only Emma is!"
Gabe: NOOOOOOO! I'm a Child of God. 

It continued on and on.  Luckily we knew almost everyone in the store so they were all just laughing.  

Have a good one and I'm the child of God!  :)


The Kriloff Klan said...

So funny! It reminds me a few months ago layton was listening to a conversation about a friend of his being a child of God & he said, "You are? Me too!" he felt a little connection! I love those little light bulb moments!

Kerrie said...

Kids can totally crack us up, you should write down all these funny stories. I keep some on the side of my blog and it's fun to read through them.

Jen J said...

What a cute story! Your kids are so cute! I've thought about you so much since the incredible miracle of adopting your kids! It's fun to see them and hear about the fun things you are all doing together. Next time we visit my grandparents there, we will for sure stop by and see you! Stay in touch! Love ya! Jake