Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swings, waffles, and teasing

This week has been full of fun.  The weather here in Boise has not really cooperated with us.  It's warm for a couple of days and then freezing again.  I keep wondering if summer will ever come.  When it's warm I take advantage and wear my kids out.  The other day they were so exhausted that when I asked Emma if she wanted to go to the park (usually an instant jump up and go word) she said, "no, I want to lay in my bed." Ahhhh success.  I have worn her out. Oh well lets go and play at the park with your cousins.  Emma loves the swing and I think would swing all day if I let her.  Plus once we got there she was thrilled to be hanging out with her cousins.

Emma and I made waffles yesterday.  If you ask her she made them by her self.  It's fun to have her help in the kitchen most of the time.  She loves to cook. She especially loves the measuring and turning on the mixer.  I'm amazed at how quick she learns things and is really quite independent.

Gabe has decided that his most favorite past time is terrorizing his big sister.  He does things just to set her off and then sits there and smiles.  He's really a jokester and loves to play around.  Often times I find him just sitting and laughing hysterically.  I think he's remembering a time that he teased someone and it was successful.  I'm not really sure.

Oh the joys of motherhood.


The Kriloff Klan said...

Didn't know you started a blog! I am excited! This way I know it will be updated more often! Hope all is well. We'll call you as we are thinking of going to San Diego over fall break with the kids & want to know of you guys could come!

Jesse Edwards said...

Cute pics!!!! And so characteristic of Emmie and Gabers!