Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thanks to Jesse

Thanks to Jesse I am officially beginning to blog myself.  Daryl started a blog but has stopped after one post.  I'm sure he is going to post again.  I know he has a great title for his next post so I hope to see it soon.  He's got some good stories to share.  I have the same ones but he's much better at creative writing than I am.  So I'll leave him to tell you about Gabe's monkey moments. 

The last year and a half has been a real whirlwind for me.  I can't believe how much my life has changed and how much I have grown.  The biggest and best change of course was adopting my beautiful children from Siberia.  It was a miracle to get them here to Idaho and I am thankful everyday for them.  Looking back, as hard as the adoption process was I now think that was the easy part.  The hard part is being the mom.  We have been sealed in the Temple, blessed the children, taught Emma English, finished potty training Emma, and so many other things.  Plus we moved to a new house, Daryl changed jobs and travels a lot now, I stopped working, and so many other changes and projects but I don't want to bore.

So with that said I'll catch up in my journal but I'm going to start my posts from this point on, or at least from January on.

Emma is in preschool and loves it, especially now that she has glasses and can see what's going on.  That helped her in primary as well.   She is really quite sassy and the glasses just emphasize the sassiness of her personality.  I've decided that she thinks she's an adult as she likes to tell everyone what to do.  My sisters would say that she's bossy just like me.  She is quick to remind me that she's a beautiful princess and she loves to visit with anyone.  

Gabbers is potty training right now.  He's doing really well, it's fun to watch him get so excited when he's successful.  Gabe is a shameless self promoter.  If he's standing beside you when you do something he'll proudly proclaim, "I did it!" when he really had no part in doing it, whatever it is.  He is a comedian already and loves to tease his dad.  He's all boy except for his obsession with shoes, especially high heels.  He really loves Aunt Lindsay' shoes and Aunt Leslie's boots. 

Well I guess from this point on I will give more recent updates.  Until then have a great one!


Jesse Edwards said...

yeah CASEY!!!! So glad you posted! Love your kids!!