Monday, August 18, 2008

Friends are life's blessing

I have been blessed with many good friends that I don't know what I'd do without.  I remember when we first got married all of my friends were in Utah.  Or so it seemed.  But since then we have been blessed to get to know several couples and others through different wards and work situations that I feel that my bucket overflows.  

We have a fondue group.  We were friends with all three of the other couples but we all came together due to a love of cheese and chocolate.  What else do you need to connect you, really.  The beautiful thing is that our friendship has gone beyond fondue.  When we were in Russia these friends did more for us than I will ever be able to thank.  They sent me a baby shower.  It was so fun.  As soon as they heard what kids we were getting they went shopping.  They wrapped everything up and sent the box.  It was so fun to unwrap so many super cute clothes and I was so thankful for their style sense too.  It helped me in this fun adventure of shopping for kids clothes.  One of them also took care of our mail and bills for us while we were gone.  Her dedication to helping us was so very selfless.  It was so nice to know that things were being taken care of while we were gone.  They have been their for me when I was breaking down, having surgery or just to laugh.  I love these friends very much and I would hate to not have them in my life.  

I have another friend who seems to have gone through more than her share of trials.  The amazing thing about her is that she can laugh before she throws up.  She is so kind and generous, and would do anything for you.  We connected because we served together planning trek and that event changed our lives forever.  It's amazing to me how the Lord helps us to find the friends that we need.  She has been a great support as well and I love her.  She along with the others already mentioned, made sure that our house was cleaned and decorated for us to come home to from Russia.  They worked so hard to make things so nice for us when we got home I will never forget that sacrifice on their part.  Remember we came home in the middle of the Christmas - New Year holdiay time.  I'm sure that they had a ton on their plates and they took such great care of us.  

I have other friends that make sure I go to the gym, and take my kids and have cooked me dinners and such.  I have friends that have helped me weed my garden and have gone to dinner and a movie with me when I needed a break.  Or who will drop everything for a pedicure to make sure I get a break.  I have friends that lift me up spiritually and constantly fill my bucket.  I have friends that have made sure that my house is safe and animals are taken care of while we are out of town.  I have friends that are brilliant decorators and have helped me with my house.  I have friends that struggle and are real with me so that we can be there for each other.  
I have friends here in Boise and friends around the world.  And I am so thankful for them all.  I love reading your blogs and I love getting your emails.  I have many many friends and I'm sure you all don't want to read about them all.  I've just felt overwhelmingly blessed as so many people have offered to help me this week coming up. (I'm finally having that hysterectomy) I love you all and I'm so thankful for all of your support.

love to all my friends.  thanks for being in my life.



Netty said...

Case~ You are truly the best friend I have ever had. I have thought for a long time that we should have been born sisters as we share such a deep bond. I am constantly overwhelmed by the friendship you and I share. You (and Daryl) and have helped me (and my kids) through much trial and grief and I will never be able to repay you for that. I love you! And you know I will always laugh whether I need to throw up or not! :) You are in my prayers today - hope the surgery goes well.