Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween

We of course carved pumpkins and the kids had fun.  Last year Emma kept just eating the pumpkin but this year not so much.  I guess her tastes are becoming more refined.  

Gabe hated the feeling of the goop inside the pumpkin and would not pull that stuff out.  Maybe next year.

Emma actually carved most of her pumpkin this year and that was fun.  Maybe next year I'll get to carve one too.

Daryl and the kids had a fun time trick or treating.  I was the lame sheep who stayed home to hand out candy.  Literally I'm lame I can hardly walk right now but that's for another post.  We had a great day.  The best part of Halloween was the fact that Emma spent the afternoon over at her friend's house walking along the wall and practicing trick or treating.  It was pretty hilarious.  Even after all that practice she would just knock and say "we need some candy."  That's my girl direct in all that she says.  Let's not beat around with this be nice and polite stuff but just get down to why we're really here.  Give me the candy and we'll get out of here.   

Gabe on the other hand was not satisfied with just one piece of candy so he came home with a ton more 
candy than Emma. He was not happy about being a sheep. As we were getting dressed he just kept saying 
"I don't want to wear that sheep shirt. I don't want to wear those sheep pants." But once he came to
terms with the fact that he had to wear them to get the candy it was like a totally different kid. "okay
I'll wear that just get me the candy."


Dawn said...

Too BAAAAAAAAAD you're lame. I hope your surgery goes well.