Friday, November 28, 2008

For better or for worse

I'm so thankful for this man.  He has made my life so much better.  Since August he's had to do my job and his and has done it without complaint.  I love him so much.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and Daryl prepared our whole meal.  It was wonderful and I was thankful and am thankful that he was just so willing to jump in and cook our dinner.  He also took care of me and the kids all day long.  He has done the laundry and for some reason both kids have been wetting the bed a ton in the last couple of weeks so he's had to wash the sheets for the kids several times.  He has been completely busy with his job and has seemed to find a way to make things work and stay on top of the work load.  He is my super hero.

But looking beyond the last two months.  He has supported me and been my shoulder to cry on. He has helped me to reach my goals and is my constant support, through many a trial.  I love that he still makes me laugh and that he is tender with me and my kids.  I'll probably be in trouble for writing this as he will see it as ruining his tough guy image.  But I just couldn't stand not writing about him.  

One of my favorite things is to watch Daryl play with our kids.  It seems to me that adding children to our family has in so many ways changed him.  He's so protective and playful.  He looks for every opportunity to spend time with them.  I love that Daryl will take all of us on individual dates and make sure that we each feel his special love for us.  

He loves to give gifts and I might add is very thoughtful and usually picks the best gifts.  The best gift he has given me is the way that he leads in our home.  He fulfills his Priesthood duties and makes sure that we have family home evening, scripture study and family prayer.  I love that he has studied other men in the church and the prophets and tries to emulate them in the way he cares for our family.  

I love that he is a service junkie.  When we were first married I thought we would spend every Saturday of our lives helping people move or lay sod, or put in sprinklers.  But moving out of a singles ward helped that some.  But my husband is always aware of service that needs to be done and engages our family in that service.  

I think it's great the amount of time he spends with the youth.  They love him and they love Sports in the Park.  I love that he takes the opportunity to love, play and teach them.  I hope some day the youth will realize just how much Daryl loves them.

So to my sweetheart I love you.  You amaze me and I thank Heavenly Father each day for you. Thanks for everything. 


Jody said...

Daryl is an amazing guy, you picked a good one!

Alli said...

Daryl has always had the BEST sense of humor!!! I remember just laughing and laughing whenever he was around.

The Kriloff Klan said...

We all knew that he was just one big softie! Great job Daryl!

DCON said...

So Casey is two-timing me with some softy named Daryl? Highly coincidental that he has my same name.

What a wuss! After reading that, I'm sure I could beat him up with ease. pft!

I'll tell you what - if my wife had written that about me, I'd be for teaching her a lesson about just how tough I am.

Rhonda said...

That guy Daryl is great! A little annoying to watch BYU football with though.

Kerrie said...

Casey, I'm so sorry, I haven't been able to watch your kids and have had to bale on you twice. I'm beginning to think I'm not supposed to. The first time I end up in the ER and the second time Jake gets chicken pox. But we'll keep trying, I promise. Sorry, hope things are getting better.