Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're at Disneyland WHOO HOOO!

Our first day at Disney was a huge success. Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which Gabe decided that he would like to go home. Emma thought that the pirates were singing a beautiful song for her. We left that and went on Splash Mountain, which Emma loved until a rogue wave hit and soaked her. But she did want to go down the waterfall again. Gabe loved the Winnie the Pooh ride. Although I'm a little concerned that Pooh was on some sort of acid trip when he was dreaming.

We played on Tom Sawyer island and climbed Tarzan's tree house. That was Daryl's "favorite" part of the trip. Okay just kidding we thought the tree house was much better as the Swiss Family Robinsons tree house. We went on the safari cruise ride. Here is a picture of Emma right before she looked over the edge and lost her glasses in the water.

I looked up and she was just sobbing that she had lost her glasses and that could I please help her find them. I felt so bad. She spent the rest of the ride looking for them. So her hero of a dad called Dr. Cleverly's office and they said to go to Lens Crafters and then they'd send the prescription. We called, and they got the prescription and called and said they would have to try and find the lenses because her prescription is so strong. And they did! So we would be getting those glasses on Tuesday. Okay back to Disney land!

The exciting thing to me was that my husband who doesn't ride rides was riding rides. Daryl loved the Indiana Jones ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was fun to sit in front of him and Emma on Splash mountain. Soooo I sent him to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad with Emma and I stayed with Gabe and Gracie (my niece). He comes back and says, "That's a rollercoaster ride!" I say, "I know isn't it awesome!" and he says it was okay. Emma on the other hand LOVED it! The rest of the day she asked to go back to that one. She is a total adrenaline junkie. So here's proof, Daryl rode the rides I know not too exciting but here he is on the Dumbo ride.

Emma had that thing going up and down the whole time. Whatever we can do to make the ride more thrilling.

After Dumbo we went to the Fairy Princess pavilion. The kids made their crowns and Emma got to see a "real" princess she was pretty jazzed and it wasn't even one of THE princesses. Here's some pics.

Prince Gabe

Emma & the REAL Princess

Okay the highlight of my day was the Pixar parade. I wish that everyone could have seen the excitement on Gabe's face when he saw Lightening McQueen and Mater. So Lightening McQueen opens the parade and I thought that Gabe and Emma were going to just lose it. They were so excited. I don't know that words can explain. But my entire family just wanted to watch them. Gabe was the first to see Mater and he about jumped off of the trash can he was sitting on. (I know kind of gross but at Disney they are very clean) So here is the picture of Gabe when he first spots Mater. Look close he's across the way sitting on the garbage cans.

What's amazing about Disneyland is the drug that hits as soon as you hit the car. Both kids crashed with Mickey and Minnie ears intact. They had a great day. It was really fun. When we got back to the hotel they woke up just long enough for a few pictures.

Okay so they were tuckered out. YEAH! So was mom and dad.

Side note Emma woke up in the middle of the night, found her Minnie ears and asked Daryl to put them on her. We're not sure how as it was pitch black in our room. She loves those ears! Can't wait for the rest of the week!

The exciting thing to me was that Daryl rode the rides. The only rides he didn't ride were the Matterhorn, and California screamer. He love the Indiana Jones ride and Splash Mountain. It was fun listening to him as he rode the rides.


Dan and Emily Clark said...

Hey! You're back! It looks like you had a great trip. How are you feeling?

Kerrie said...

Oooohhh. That looks like soooo much fun. I love Disneyland. And I love taking my kids. There is seriously some magic there when your with kids. I'm glad you guys had a good time.