Monday, June 16, 2008

New Glasses!

Okay, sorry for the delay in vacation info.  So the day after Disneyland we woke up early.  When I say we I mean Emma and Gabe. In order to not wake up everyone we went outside to walk around the resort.  Of course we went out sporting Mickey and Minnie ears and both kids towing their big mylar balloons from Disney.  Gabe's was a giant Pooh bear (he shocked us both by picking Pooh instead of Lightening McQueen or Mater) and Emma's a giant Minnie mouse.   Emma loves Minnie because she has a big buntinki (hair bow in Russian)  like Emma. Those two brought about a ton of smiles and were just so happy with their Disney spoils.  

After that great fun we spent most of the day getting some new glasses for Emma.  They are sassy red glasses.  The funny thing is that we can not get her Minnie ears off of her.  So she is proudly wearing the Minnie Ears and everyone just keeps smiling at her.  She really is a delight.  Emma is such an example to me of living life to the fullest.  She loves life and is so very excited about trying things.  She's so fun.  

So the guy at Lens Crafters puts her new glasses on her  and she shouts, "YEAH! I can see!"  Everyone in the store laughed.  It was great.  So off to more vacationing.  That night we cooked dinner for my family.  We were in California with my parents (it was their time  share we were staying at), my sister Lindsay and her son Sam, my sister Jesse, her husband Kenny  and their daughter Gracie.  Mostly this day was a chillin' day.


Jesse Edwards said...

we had so much fun didn't we!

Casey said...

Yes we did. I'm so thankful for the trip and the break from the day to day. But I'm glad to be home.