Sunday, June 22, 2008

A day at the beach!

What would a trip to Southern Cal be without a trip to the beach? We drove up to Huntington Beach and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  It was quite amazing.  Okay really it was a little cool.  Like a high of 70 degrees.  But we had fun.  And I decided that Huntington Beach probably was a fun place to grow up Aly.
Emma the water is the other way!!!
Emma racing the waves

My little body boarder
Gabe had a blast in the water.  We couldn't get him out, the waves would go out from under his feet and he would just giggle and giggle.  Daryl kept pulling him over waves on the body board and the boy was wearing a perma grin.  He loved every minute of it.  I made him get out for a while to warm up, but he just couldn't stand it.  I finally told Daryl that we were going to have to leave or Gabe would never stay out of the water and he was going to by hypothermic.  The funny thing was Gabe standing out of the water just shivering all over and I was asking him, "Gabe are you cold?"  His answer, "No mom, I want to go back in."  Only you could hardly understand him through his chattering teeth. 

Emma loves to run from the waves.  She loves the race I think.  Daryl had dug a big hole in the sand and Emma spent most of her time trying to fill it up with water.  The best part of this was that she was carrying her bucket full of water up a little hill and dumping it.  This little exercise tuckered that poor girl out.  Yeah for mom!.

I love that my kids will jump in and do whatever we're doing.  They will try out the waves, or rides at Disneyland.  They really seem to have no fear.  Don't get me wrong there are things that scare them but they are pretty adventurous and I love that about them.  


Mark, Alysson, Sherman & Eliza said...

Casey - I miss home already. I spent some time in HB in January and Sherman absolutely loved the beach. He did a lot of digging in the sand since it was too cold to swim...